Aside from mistakenly writing 2018 on every document for the past week, I think 2019 is an equinoctial year with a lot of potential and room for growth. With the previous years being stepping stones that have brought me to my current state: a young, emotional, sensative and ambitious entrepreneur with a lot of figuring out to do... I know that there are things I'd like to check off my imaginary list before December 31st, 2019 comes around the calendar. Most of these things center around being a more authentic and fearless person. Because, if I am being transparent, the minimal but still existing regrets I have from the year before were a result of fear and lack of transparency with myself as person and addressing my needs. I always transition this blog by saying " I hope this (interest blog subject here) can help you as well." But I'll just queue the transition by saying here’s the dang's a universal one for you young people to cater to your needs for the best life possible.

Things to do in 2019

1. Write out how you're feeling each day. 

What are you grateful for? What can I work on? What is bothering me today? What do I need to let go of?

2. Set aside at least one hour a week to be selfish

Wether it's getting your hair done, nails done or everything did.... set aside time to just focus on solely yourself. Sometimes we forget this.

3. Volunteer

 My favorite trail blazer, Shirley Chisholm once said, "Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” I think she's right. We learn a lot about ourselves and others when we are in communion with one another. So, let’s make this year one of serving mankind.

4.Read a Children's book

Sounds fun, huh? Sometimes we forget that even the simplest words can be fuel for being our most authentic selves. There are so many great hidden messages in children’s books. Not everything has to be so complex.

5. Travel

Its a given fact that we are a product of our socialization (using my fancy sociology degree for this one). When we expand our horizons, we can obtain more knowing, self-awareness and become more open-minded which the world needs more of. So, challenge yourself, if your bank account allows it, to travel this year.

6. Tell a stranger you love them 

I'll admit that when a stranger sends a smile in my direction, I get a weird feeling and look down. But leaving the space of embarrassment and fear can ultimately help us to live more authentically. You don't necessarly have to tell someone verbally you love them. But a simple smile to a stranger shows "Hey. I notice you. I care." What is so bad about those small acts of kindness and love?

7. Tell the people in your corner you are thankful for them

 Sometimes we take for granted the people that are naturally in our life every day. My parents for example, are people that aren’t going away anytime soon (knock on wood). But I also can’t forsee the future. They take care of me financially even from miles and miles away while I’m away at college. I'm sure there are people in your life that help you out. Make sure you express your gratitude for them. We never know what could happen.

8. Go to a movie by yourself

 Being alone is something I had to put tremendous effort in to feel comfortable with. When you become your own best friend, you no longer have to use people as crutches or to fill any void in your life. It is shown that when you have a quality relationship with yourself, you are able to have a quality relationship with those around you. We may know much about a best friend, significant other, or a parent, but how well do you know YOU? Simple things like going to a movie or a restaurant alone and enjoying "You" time can be very beneficial for the heart.

9. Find a hobby

 If you didn’t already know, my hobby is making jewelry. I started doing that in 2017 and it has brought me peace and joy ever since. While we are all out here trying to make our professional dreams come true, take time to do something that gives you pleasure.

10. Love yourself EVERYDAY. 

I am still working on this. I would say I’m at the 52% mark. It isn’t easy. Looking in the mirror and saying mantras, taking yourself on dates like I previously discussed and journaling things youlove about yourself can help in my personal opinion. Make loving yourself, what your capable of and your journey part of your mission in 2019.

So these 10 things may be cheesy or may seem very fluffy.... but these are all things that I have pledged myself to do. I think there’s beauty in vulnerability, hence why I am writing the blog post. We all have scars we want to heal, battles we want to conquer and goals we want to achieve. I hope that these 10 things might help you out with that. 

xoxo- ana