There's that old saying that goes, "Quotes are cheaper than therapy" and as a 20-year-old on an expedition to find meaning and success, I gradually discovered that saying to be particularly true. When I hit a wall, an obstacle or fall down from time to time.......themes of peace, prayer and wisdom expressed through words can be therapeutic especially in today's political climate and with the pressures that are associated with being a young adult who is trying to find their way. 

While we were told that," sticks and stones would break our bones, but words would never hurt us", I can attest that words have a impregnable power to heal and assist people like myself in feeling better when life sends a tornado or two in my direction.

 As a student, intern, entrepreneur and human being, life can get chaotic. It can be tough to navigate through the natural but STILL difficult challenges that come with everyday life. And I know that this can be the case for many others out there. I found that reading books for fun has essentially served as the fuel necessary to keep proceeding on life's path. 

Many of the books I've added to my collection of anthologies throughout 2018 have been ones written by my favorite poets that consist of mantra's, verses, well worded wisdom and practically love written on pages that have personally aided me into a more positive mindset. Here's a list of books that I hope you might pick up whenever you need a little encouragement to keep going, start to feel anxious during the semester, experience heart break, or just need to recharge your spirit. 

Poet, artist, and storyteller Cleo Wade, wrote  Heart Talk. It quickly became a national bestseller and an essentiall part of my daily life. Every sunrise, I'll flip to a random page and soak in powerful messages she left for readers like myself to consume and resonate with. Her book consists of handwritten poems, personal notes and advice that are infused love, honesty and creativity on every page. I found myself crying, smiling, laughing and feeling inspired with her transparent and easily relatable words. One of my favorite lines from her book that stuck out to me was, " When we know our value and can express our value, we are able to teach others how to honor what we bring to the table". To me, that seems like a hell of a way to help readers recognize that magnitude of their self-perceptions and how that alters the way others will treat us. I often struggle with realizing my self worth and I think that for those who deal with the imposter syndrome, this book can help you understand that your existence is purposeful and of meaning. 

Maya Angelou's booked titled " Celebrations", comprises of historical poems, rituals of peace and prayer that she's recited at events throughout the 20th and 21st century. Angelou often uses nostalgic themes that help provide context to the beauty of change and progress that often inspires readers like myself. My favorite line of hers is " Bringing the gift that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave." This for me, is a reminder to be my best self because of the struggles that my ancestors endured. While they were in bondage they were neglected of freedom and dignity which are two rights I hold present today. This serves as my motivation to keep striving toward my goals. 

There are many other books out there like "Milk and Honey" and "The Sun and her flowers" that serve as rejuvenation for the spirit and provide comfort to the souls who have endured a lot. I am not blind to the fact that there may be people out there who’s battles may be more tumultuous then mine and their past may still be tormenting them. But I hope that these books can help sooth anyone out there going through stuff, big or small, past or present. Your feelings are valid and words do indeed have healing power. When life has you spinning, remember that it’s okay to take a short break and indulge in the pleasure of reading. It has been my greatest weapon in fighting for peace and happiness in a world that can seem so broken at times.