It seems like forever since I've typed up my last blog post. Life just happened along with school assignments, work events and writers block which have all contributed to my neglect of blogging. But I'm back!!! And I thought I'd make this one transparent as possible. Instead of talking about the latest fashion trends or beauty products, I'll be dedicating this blog post to the people out there trying to navigate through college in one piece. Hopefully, my story might aid others out there going through similar situations.  

First, this semester has been a crazy rollercoaster. There has been many times where I put my hands in the air and screamed of happiness and excitement when new opportunities came my way as well as having personal victories from obstacles I faced. I could not be more thankful for those moments. But I would be lying if I didn't ackowladge that there were also times were I just wanted to get off this ride as due to spikes in my anxiety and experiencing moments of discouragement from a failed test, rejection, not managing my time well and trying to balance relationships.

From the outside, I think that my social media accounts kind of present me as a balanced human being who has her sh*t together. Social Media gives us the ability to share what we want people to see. In fact, there has been a solid amount of people who DM me explaining how inspiring I am to them which truly makes my heart full and is the fuel that keeps me trucking along to my dreams. But I want them to also know that behind the screen, things become more complex. Instead of the cute trendy outfits I sport in every post, I am usually in my "get it done" uniform that comprises of a black pair of Nike leggings, a sweatshirt of my choice and sneakers. And to give you a better hair is a complete mess and my makeup has usually been smeared off by 3pm. But I have had to learn not every day will be glam.

Some days might be incredible Beyoncé status while other days might be a 2013 Lindsay Lohan train reck. However, recognizing that there will be fluctuations in day to day struggles and successes is probably the most important part of college. And to be specific, I think that flexibility, patience and discretion are the the key components to helping myself navigate through my collegiate journey.

I have many interests, hobbies and am involved in many things. But often times I would get down and sad when one thing didn't go my way. After realizing that I could not allow myself to be upset over things that were out of my control, I learned to become flexible as there is a time and place for everything. In particular, My business LIllian + E was one of my passions that had to take a back seat this semester as the stress of taking 18 hours and working two jobs took precedent over my life. But I knew that Lillian + E would always be there for me to come back to. So if any of you reading this have a passion of yours that you feel like isn’t working cohesively with your daily obligations, don’t be afraid to save it for a later date. If it's meant to work....... it will.

Patience, is one of the words I heard my dad say as a kid when I was waiting or anticipating for something to happen but that anticipation was preventing myself from living in the moment. Developing patience has helped me enjoy what was in front of me instead of focusing on what "needed" to happen or what I wanted to happen in the future. As a college student, the anticipation of  grades, degree or acceptance letters into internships or post graduate programs can be gruesome. But just remember to focus on what is in front of you and do everything to the best of your ability while not dwelling too much on the future. If you are taking the proper steps at a healthy rate, things should eventually fall into place.

Lastly, discretion. As I mentioned earlier, I am involved in a lot of extra ciriculars and have many hobbies. From being president of an organization to modeling and being a full-time student I sometimes feel like I can be spreading myself too thin. One thing I learned is being okay with saying "No" to people if it means protecting your peace. Of course, be an active leader and always follow through on your obligations, but don’t feel the need to do everything all at once, and always alow yourself to have time to relax. "YOU" time is the best time. So be selfish every once in a while, and don’t let others make you feel bad for protecting your peace. I also use discretion with friendships. If you start seeing red flags early.... protect yourself from further heart ache or toxic drama by cutting it out of your life as soon as possible. While there are many people who are friendly, not everyone is your friend. Know your worth and use discretion to walk away fast before things go downhill.

There are a lot of other things that have gotten me through the semester like supportive friends, professors, supervisors and more. Make sure to tell the people who have helped you through your journey that you're thankful for them. While some people may not be in your life forever, it's important to recognize who is a part of your support system and reciprocate that energy in return.

While I am not perfect and not all of this may have resonated with you, I hope that there may be people out there who read it as a little friendly guide for navigating the weird and crazy ropes of college. I still have a lot of growing to do... but seeing myself slowly blossoming into the person that is more confident, sure of herself and goal oriented is something I cannot complain about.