Life check: My tank is always on E, I am constantly scraping up coins to pay for the fancy meals I like to try at trendy restaurants, yet I still find myself spending money on new fashion ensembles knowing that I have bills to pay.... ooops :/ #adultingsucks

Besides my lack of budgeting, I still enjoy dressing up and buying the latest trends because fashion to me is a way of self expression and art. I am also a firm believer that style is a way to voice who you are without having to speak. But again, I am on the "college girl" budget so shopping resale by default is my way to accomplish vocalizing my individuality. 

I walked in to Uptown Cheapskate (my favorite resale store) with atrociously frayed denim shorts and a faded black tee. My day took a 180 when I walked out of the store with with a brand new look for under 20 dollars. Not only was I able to find an affordable outfit that consisted of the latest trends, but I felt good knowing that these clothes were recycled and therefore, I played a part in breaking the chain of textiles ending up in landfills which harms our environment. While some people might look down on shopping resale, I truly believe in the benefits of recycling clothes and allowing other people the opportunity to shop the styles that some don't want anymore. I consider it to be the "revolving closet" concept. And even in today's society, we might take a cute picture on instagram with a new outfit, and because hundreds of people have seen it, there is pressure to showcase something new next time we're on the gram. After all, we learned that lesson from the famous line "Lizze McGuire is an outfit repeater!!!!" (You're a true 90's baby if you remember that line from only the best dinsey show.) 

Thus, thrifting and resale is the perfect solution to all of our first world fashion problems. From a button down skirt, to a circle purse and leather booties, the amount of treasures one can find while thrifting is unlimited! For myself, I choose to not only shop at local businesses, but to consider resale as my first shopping destination as I know that I will save money by purchasing gently used clothes that are still amazingly stylish and priced 20-30%  of the prices that some might see on the retail market. And in addition, I am choosing to be socially and environmentally conscious through this practice as well. What a win-win that is.

outfit details shirt: 2.99skirts; 5.99purse. 11.99