All too often, women are under the assumption that we have to compete with one another to rise to the top. Society plays a major part in that. Many of us have grown up hearing the saying, "it's a dog eat dog world." While it can be rough trying to make it as a female entrepreneur in a big city like San Antonio, us women are all in the same fight as we are trying to battle the sharks, snakes and roadblocks in the concrete jungle. But I promise you, so much greatness and success can come from women supporting one another. If you don't believe me, keep reading....

Here is how it all started for me: When I first moved to San Antonio, I was unemployed for MONTHS....the ramen and mac and cheese diet was the absolute struggle. I started modeling freelance (which I still enjoy doing) but gigs were pretty sporadic for me. I finally got a job with Uptown Cheapskate and that was pretty much a key turning point in my life. While working at the store, I began digging deep into my talents and quickly developed skills in marketing, networking and building genuine relationships with like minded creatives. I soon unlocked a community of supportive and inspiring women in the San Antonio fashion scene.

Now this is the most unpredictable yet wonderful part of it all...After a 2 week vacation, I came back to San Antonio and started my business called Lillian + E using the skills I learned from retail and leaning on fellow boss babes whenever I needed help and advice. Fun fact: sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and giving guidance to like minded women wanting to succeed just as bad as you do is actually quite helpful as they might know something you don't. While it's important to protect your own craft, being kind and embracing diversity of thought fosters a unique atmosphere of creativity where everyone can thrive.

Through this whole experience, I've been blessed to meet boss babes like Shelley White who have really adopted and continue to embody the meaning of "Girls support girls". She recently gave me the opportunity to be on SA LIVE. Not only was I able to model the stylish ensembles she puts together for a living, but I was able  to showcase my jewelry business as well. We even got to throw in a little clothing  from Uptown Cheapskate (which is where I first met her). Other models who were on the segment with me included Michelle, a creative mastermind and owner of Chictique... as well as  Stefanie who is the lovely founder of Moss & Co. Both of their businesses are currently thriving. They cater to women from all walks of life and aim to help ladies feel good about themselves. Ofcourse, I cannot forget my girl Vicky who is not only a killer fashion model, but is an advocate for the environment as she writes about sustainable fashion for a local magazine called Selva Beat.

Each woman brings something unique and distinct to the table and I could go on and on about how hard working and deserving they are of their own successes. There are more women out there being #girlbosses in the city of San Antonio who truly inspire me. I am a firm believer of having a tribe of women around to lift you up, hold you accountable, and to help you tap into your own talents. And I think that true beauty forms when women open their arms to embrace one another for the betterment of us all.

I challenge whoever is reading this to go out into the world and go for your dreams. But you don't have to do it alone! There are people out there who are willing to support you and help you achieve your goals in a mutualistic way. Let's stop this "mean girl' culture today and really treat other women as "sisters". Because at the end of the day, we are only able understand the struggles of one another which can ultimately turn into success if we allow ourselves play our cards right to act as one huge driving force in the game of life.

Shelley White- Perosnal stylist:

Michelle- Owner of Chictique:

Stefanie Her- Founder of Moss & Co.:

Vicky- Writer for Selva Beat: