The other day....

Someone mentioned to me that I am very much apart of the branding of Lillian + E Co which is my jewelry business I founded last summer. The question resonated with me, as it was the first time I thought about how I brand my business. I wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing. For myself, I am a very hands-on person and I truly enjoy showcasing my designs. While some designers are very behind the scenes and don't really go in front of the camera to promote their products, I feel as though Lillian + E Co. is an extension of myself. That is why I kind of treat is as my baby. In addition, my family history, heritage and past is one of the driving forces behind my passions and motivation for being the best "Ana" I can be. Which further explains why people can see the themes of family, love and culture expressed through my creations. I also named the brand after my grandmother, a family member I still hold so dear to my heart. Wether playing an active role in the company's branding is bad or good, I thoroughly enjoy it and believe it is my recipe for authenticity and success. It also holds me to a level of accountability that can also be scary but in some cases, is necessary because it's literally just ME doing it all! On another note:  When I meet other entrepreneurs in the city, I have so much respect for them and can feel first hand just how hard, nerve racking and exciting the journey of being an entrepreneur is. That is why I do my best to share my stories in hopes that it might help others. In addition, simply showing support and going to events, buying their products and spreading the word about their work is pretty important to me as it fosters and cultivates a "community of creatives" where people are able to thrive and be themselves. This relates back to my favorite quote, "We rise by lifting others". I am very optimistic about the future and the fate of the city of San Antonio as the creatives that roam the streets are doing their best to shine and share their talents with the world. I know this because every time I leave my doorstep and venture out into the city I meet so many beautiful faces that are actively working to bring their talents to the table and better the community we love so much. Let's continue to support one another, and despite how cliche that will continue to sound, I will still do my part to uplift other entrepreneurs and creatives. Will you?

Lillian + E Co. 

Yesterday's Vlog from checking out a fellow boss babe's event: